We are working with Social Projects to create a platform that disseminates our information in order to provide critical information to refugees via an interactive messaging service called RefuBot (a chatbot that works through SMS and Facebook).

This group of coders, have unique experience in researching, co-creating and testing chatbots with refugees and aid organisations in Europe. Our research shows that this technologz is cutting edge. We have tested the product and it works.

RefuBot allows us to reach thousands of refugees with vital information. It also allows us to edit and maintain information in real time, meaning that the service remains up-to-date and valuable, as policies and information change, which they often do.

We work directly with the Greek Asylum Service and other NGOs n Greece to ensure we are in receipt of any new information and to ensure that we get them to check our information for accuracy.

We have much expertise in how critical and complex asylum information can be efficiently structured and formatted for use within a chatbot. RefuBot will put us in a unique position to enable us to inform refugees to with personalised and clear information...

By the end of January 2017, with your donations, RefuComm will have a live Chatbot on Facebook Messenger as well as Telegram that makes important information available on-demand to all refugee in Greece who have a smartphone

Please help us to provide essential information to refugees.